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Personal (Health) Planning

It is important to start planning early. By preparing these documents, you are ensuring that your wishes and instructions for the future are known. Documenting your instructions now will help alleviate the decision-making burden on your loved ones during a challenging time.

Power Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that grants a person the authority to act on your behalf in business, legal, or financial matters. It can be customized to specify, restrict, or leave the powers unrestricted. It can be temporary or for a specific purpose, like designating someone to handle your affairs while you are away for an extended period. An Enduring Power of Attorney remains valid even if you become incapable of managing your business, legal, or financial matters. It’s important to note that a Power of Attorney is only valid while the person is alive.

Representation Agreements 

The Health Representation Agreement allows capable adults to appoint a family member or trusted friend to make health and personal care decisions on their behalf. There are two types of agreements available, each based on different areas of law. The Representative’s authority varies depending on the document. A Section 7 Health Representation Agreement grants assistance with health, personal care decisions, and routine financial matters. On the other hand, a Section 9 Health Representation Agreement is solely for health care decision-making, including end of life choices. This agreement is suitable for a higher level of care. commitment is to prioritize your wishes and offer advice to help you make the best-informed decisions for you and your family. The goal is to help you understand the purpose of these documents and their potential benefits for you and your family as needs arise.

Healthcare Documents

  • Medical POA,
  • Health proxy
  • Living wills
  • DNR orders
  • Medical directives

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